Merrick-Kemper has over 190 yrs combined service and experience serving high profile clients in the Industrial, Commercial, and Residential construction industry with unsurpassed craftsmanship and dependability.


We specialize in project design, precision sheet metal, heavy industrial fabrication, and restoration.  Our workforce is available to mobilize 24/7 and is of capacity to handle large factory shut downs.


We have extensive experience in the installation of insulated metal wall panel systems, pre-manufactured and custom-fabricated metal roofing, slate and tile roofing, steeple roofing and ornamentation, cornice restoration and much more.


Merrick-Kemper takes pride in having provided quality service to countless residential customers for over a century.  It is our pleasure to continue offering our services to those customers who settle for nothing but the best.

Industrial Sheet Metal


Specializing in project design, precision sheet metal, heavy industrial fabrication, and restoration for over one hundred years, at MERRICK-KEMPER we have the means to safely finish a job in time and on budget.


Metal Wall Panel Systems (Commercial)


Metal Siding Panels come in a wide variety of compositions, colors, and finishes.  With over 100 years experience in the industry, Merrick-Kemper is equipped to meet all of your Commercial Metal Siding Panel needs.



Architectural Sheet Metal


From copper steeple coverings to custom fabricated metal cornices and everything in between, our high level of craftsmanship and outstanding reputation is second to none.



Slate, Tile & Metal Roofing


The installation and repair of commercial and residential Slate, Tile, and Metal Roofing has been one of Merrick-Kemper's trademark crafts since 1902.  



Mission Statement

The business objective of Merrick-Kemper is to provide services in the fields of architectural and industrial sheet metal and roofing in the construction industry.  We are ever seeking to promote our management strategy, in order to maintain an incomparable sheet metal and roofing company in the industry to coincide with forward thinking technology, training and techniques; while providing our customers with craftsmanship of the highest quality, which is safely conducted, and completed in a timely professional manner at a competitive price.