Slate, Tile, Metal Roofing



Slate Roofing

At Merrick-Kemper, we provide a variety of styles and colors of slate roofing, including Buckingham, Vermont, and the products of other northeastern quarries.  We maintain one of the largest inventories of slate in the region and are also able to locate rare and hard-to-find types of slate for many existing roofs.



Tile Roofing

Installing tile roofing is a great way to add a staying visual appeal to your property, and is also a great way of ensuring that your roof will live a long and healthy life.  Roofing tile has been used around the world since circa 700-650 B.C., and has continued to evolve over the centuries into the brialiant roofing material it is today.



Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a premium investment for any property and comes in a multitude of designs and materials.  From custom fabricated sheet metal roofing that is specifically tailored to your property by seasoned craftsmen, to pre-manufactured sheet metal roofing systems, Merrick-Kemper is an industry leader in installation and repair.