Founded in 1902, Merrick-Kemper is one of the most well respected architectural sheet metal fabricators and installers in Kentucky.


At Merrick-Kemper, we are well known for our architectural sheet metal work and for the craftsmanship and acute attention to detail that accompany every project.  From copper steeple coverings to custom built metal cornices, special designed guttering, and all of the different types of sheet metal work that are associated with various roofing materials, our work has maintained the same levels of quality for over 100 years.


Architectural Sheet Metal Contacts:


John Thompson, Jr.
Sales | Project Manager


p: 502-449-1234, x229

c: 502-767-7460

f: 502-448-4050


Scott Merrick
Sales | Project Manager


p: 502-449-1234, x225

c: 502-386-7985

f: 502-448-4050

Items of Work

Metal Jamb Trim

Metal OGEE Gutter

Metal Ornamental Hood

Metal Ornamentation

Metal Parapet Wall Covering

Metal Penetration Flashing

Metal Pipe Box

Metal Pipe Hood

Metal Pitch Pocket

Metal Rake Flashing

Metal Ridge Flashing

Metal Scupper

Metal Sill Flashing

Metal Skylight Flashing

Metal Soffit

Metal Standing Seam Roofing

Metal Steeple Covering

Metal Step Flashing

Metal Through Wall Flashing

Metal Trapezoidal Standing Seam Roofing

Metal Valley Flashing

Metal Wall Cladding

Metal Wall Flashing

Metal Water Diverter

Metal Waterhead

& More…

Metal Apron Flashing

Metal Base Flashing

Metal Box Gutter

Metal Chimney Cap

Metal Column Cover

Metal Coping Cap

Metal Corner Guard

Metal Cornice

Metal Counterflashing

Metal Dog House

Metal Downspout

Metal Drip Edge

Metal Expansion Joint

Metal Fascia

Metal Flat Lock Roofing

Metal Gooseneck

Metal Gravel Stop

Metal Gutter Bracket

Metal Gutter Expansion Joint

Metal Gutter Bed Liner

Metal Gutter Screen

Metal Gutter Straps

Metal Half Round Gutter

Metal Head Trim

Metal Hip Flashing

Projects of Note

Cathedral of the Assumption - copper steeple covering & ornamentation

Louisville, Kentucky


Louisville Water Company - Water Tower Ornamentation Restoration

Louisville, Kentucky


Churchill Downs Derby Museum - Steeple Roof Restoration

Louisville, Kentucky