Metal Chimney Cap

Cold rolled copper chimney cap. (Fabricated and installed by Merrick-Kemper)

Cold rolled copper chimney cap. (Fabricated and installed by Merrick-Kemper)

Cold Rolled Copper Chimney Cap (Custom fabricated and installed by Merrick-Kemper)


Metal Chimney Cap Information:

• Metal chimney caps prevent water from penetrating the open top of the chimney during periods of rain, and snowfall. The presence of water within the chimney can cause damage to your building’s interior due to migration of the water down the chimney shaft and onto internal finish members - including: ceilings, walls, floors, etc.

• Metal chimney caps prevent the intrusion of pests from the chimney shaft into your building. Potential pests include birds, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, chipmunks, and more. Certain pests are known to build nests atop open chimneys, causing blockage and the need for repeated removal of associated debris. Other pests may become permanently lodged within the chimney’s interior causing blockage, foul odor, and the need for professional removal.

• Metal chimney caps prevent the infiltration of downdrafts into your building. The prevention of downdrafts makes your building more energy efficient - stopping the penetration of cool drafts of air into the structure, and preventing the back-flow of smoke into your building’s interior.

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