Sheet Metal OGEE Gutter

Metal OGEE Gutter Profile

Metal OGEE Gutter Profile

Metal OGEE Gutter Profile


Metal Ogee Gutter Information:

• Metal OGEE gutter is characterized by the pronounced ‘S’ shape of it’s face. The external profile of this gutter is similar in style and appearance to historically fashioned external cornice facade and popular crown moldings.


OGEE gutter can be fabricated in a wide variety of metals, colors, gauges, and finishes - including:

• Cold Rolled Copper OGEE Gutter

• Stainless Steel OGEE Gutter

• Galvanized Steel OGEE Gutter

• Prefinished Aluminum OGEE Gutter

• Prefinished Steel OGEE Gutter

• More…

Guttering and watershed systems are an essential architectural sheet metal element to incorporate into the roofing and facade of your building to ensure it’s prolonged life, and protection against the damaging effects of the external elements.

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